Friday, January 1, 2010

Pinch Me

I'm not sure what's going on here. I'm dreaming, or high, or both. I've been up for about an hour and a half. Up, as in not lying down. What's going on here? I got up and fussed around with a few chores: took the sheets off the bed and started the laundry. Cleaned up the breakfast dishes and decided today was the day to completely disassemble and clean my coffee maker and grinder.

Then I thought I would really put myself to the test. I sat down. I've been sitting for about an hour now and the laptop is actually on my lap.

Am I crazy? Why am I trying to refute this recent development? Because I don't trust it, that's why.

The drug mix is exactly the same as it was yesterday. I felt good yesterday, but I wasn't ready to believe that it was any more than marginally better than the day before.

But here's the caveat, I think. I'm pretty high. The only thing I remember about getting high (as in, I never inhaled - which was a long, long time ago btw) is that I didn't like it. I'm don't feel quite that high but I feel - I don't know - different.

That doesn't concern me so much as the fact that I'm sweating and dizzy. These are usual precursors to passing out. Be assured, I am sitting so if I do pass out I don't have far to fall. And, I'm not in a room with hard wood floors.

I could have worked up a light sweat just doing those chores. I could be dizzy just because - well, that probably is the drugs. I have (almost) passed out before after taking the percocet. High levels of pain can make you pass out as well. (That's number 10 on the scale.)

So now what? I don't mean to complain here, but a neurosurgeon is not likely to recommend me for surgery if I show up with a silly grin on my face and tell him "I feel great!"

I hurt. Don't get me wrong. But it seems to be at a tolerable level.

Percocet (which is what I'm taking) is a combination of oxycodone and acetaminophen. Percodan is a combination of oxycodone and aspirin. Combunox is a combination of oxycodone and ibuprofen. The point is, maybe it's not the oxycodone that's not working for me. Maybe it's the acetaminophen.

Anyway, if this keeps up I'll ask my doctor about it.

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