Friday, January 15, 2010

Just Like Donald Trump

... or You're Fired!

I fired my doctor yesterday.

Her office called yesterday to cancel our appointment today. She had called in sick. They wanted to reschedule my appointment with another doctor but it would remain at the same time. I agreed and hung up.

But I was frustrated. She's taken two separate one-week vacations in the last six weeks (she's entitled), she's missed appointments (not rescheduled, missed), and the last time she was on vacation her substitute wouldn't refill my prescription (inconvenient, to say the least) and e-mails that I was advised by her staff to send were not read.

So, I called back and said it was not okay to reschedule me with the substitute doctor. I wanted to consult with the doctor who's been handling my case before I HAVE SURGERY. Granted, this is not a life threatening situation but it's important to ME!

Her first available appointment was January 28 which is one week and one day before the surgery date. I told her that was unacceptable. I'm supposed to be off some of these drugs by then (a surgery requirement) and I wanted to discuss the time frame for getting off the rest of them. Besides, my prescription will run out on the 21st and narcotic drugs not easily refilled, as previously alluded to.

Not to mention, I've received my lab results which indicate my liver is now damaged. I don't think it's serious or life threateing. I believe it's entirely related to all these drugs, but the indicators are high enough that we should discuss it.

What if she misses that appointment? I'm screwed!

She countered with the 27th.... Argh.

I asked if there was a waiting list. There is not but I am welcome to call back.

Then, I want a different doctor. Not a substitute doctor, a new Primary Care Physician. I would rather not get someone else up to speed but I have been unhappy about the way my case has been handled since the very first day I called for help and the soonest they would schedule an apointment was a full week later. This was the last straw and I had finally reached my limit.

I understand she is a popular doctor and it is difficult to get an appointment with her but that's just not going to work for me. (Oh, and my Patient Advocate? Never heard from her again.)

So now I have an appointment with the top dog at the clinic - the Chief, no less - on the 20th. I feel good about this resolution. I'll meet Dr. Chief and size him up a little. I can pick someone else if I want to but I'm done with my current doctor.

Turns out I'm not as decisive as The Donald and it sometimes takes me a long time to come to the realization that a situation is unacceptable. But I usually figure it out sooner or later.

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