Thursday, December 31, 2009

Can You Spare a Dime?

I've taken to sleeping on my spare change. Actually, I think I mentioned here (or maybe on Facebook) that I've been carrying around a quarter and a dime which I use to visualize a healthy back. If you lay them next to each other, it would look like a cross section view of a healthy disc (the quarter) and spinal column (the dime).

I've decided that my back just wasn't getting the message so now I've taken to sleeping on them. Yes, they're there, right under my back pillow.

I'm thinking there may be some interference in the signal due to the back pillow so I'm giving some thought to taping them directly to my back as close to the injured disc as I can estimate.

Don't knock it. I once heard of a lady who taped a silver dollar to her baby son's bellybutton because it was an "outy" and she thought it would pop. I believe this was the same lady who taught me the phrase "sew buttons on your underwear."

Suddenly, a lot things make much more sense, don't they?

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