Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Downside To Getting Well

There are many. I don't get coffee in bed anymore unless I get up and make it myself. Imagine!

And work. I might be expected to do it! The fact that I made a rare appearance at the office today won't help any either.

It also makes the decision about whether to have the surgery a little fuzzy, a little gray. I like black and white. (Look at my wardrobe. Or my profession for that matter.) But gray? I don't know what to do with gray.

On the other hand, I might have the best of both worlds, black and white. I'm in just enough pain to know I don't want it anymore. But I'm well enough that it won't be absolute agony to wait another 13 days.

If you consider Avatar an advantage then you can list that in the Plus column as I got out to see it on Sunday. Painwise, it got a little rough towards the end but I was invested in the story at that point so I rode it out to the very end. (The best part is the 3D glasses.)

If you consider attending the opera an advantage, that's another one for the plus column. I'm seeing Il Trovatore tonight which is a great deal longer than Avatar. (I'll have to wear a bra.... It's only polite.)

Going to the opera also ruins my plan to let my holiday nail polish chip off over time. As in, "how many licks..." one wonders "how many chips" until it's all gone? We may never know the answer to that one unless I don't have another hot date until next Christmas in which case I can start the experiment all over again and hope that it's all gone by this coming December. (It could happen.)

So I bit the cotton ball and groomed all ten. Not that it should matter. The vast majority of opera patrons can't see well enough to notice my nails in full light much less after the lights go out.

But painting my nails does make it difficult to type so I'm taking the rest of the day off.

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