Monday, January 25, 2010

Side Note

I find it interesting that the only health care practitioners I've seen more than once in the last few months are the chiropractors, one of the acupuncturists, and the lab technician. The next time I "see" my surgeon, I may be unconscious so I'm not sure if that counts.

To be fair, I've had multiple contacts with various doctors by e-mail. And from an organizational perspective it makes sense. No one at the top actually does the work. That's what the little people at the bottom are for. I just find it interesting and wonder if that's part of the reason it feels so impersonal. (Props to everyone "at the bottom" who took wonderful care of me, btw. The largest portion of gratitude goes to my husband, of course, without whom all of this would have been impossible. Not to mention my producer, my manager, .... Wait. Where am I?)

Here's another interesting factoid. My latest experience is that the less percocet I take, the less pain I'm in. How is that possible? Coincidence or is there some correlation? With the percocet out of the way, all the other drugs in my body have a chance to do their thing? Is that possible??


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