Friday, January 29, 2010

Uh Oh

Whenever I start a sentence with "I was thinking...." my husband says, "Uh oh."

I had to see another doctor today. This one was in the field of Womens Health. I have another appointment in the category of Womens Health on Wednesday. This doctor was not included in my previous doctor count of 21 since October. Also not included was my dentist. Which was what got me to thinking. (Uh oh....)

Could we save some time if we could do those two things together?

Part of the Womens Health thing is regularly scheduled maintenance (every two years and 20,000 miles). But I've been having some other troublesome symptoms that none of my doctors could explain. I kept telling them I thought it was related to all the narcotics I've been taking*. But no one else saw a correlation.

But today's doctor did. She welcomed me to the time in a woman's life known as perimenopause. You know what I said?

Uh oh.

*Big Bro: They were prescribed.

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