Wednesday, January 13, 2010

*This Gives Me An Idea

*(From previous post)

I had an idea about doctors and the TSA. You have to get undressed for both, so why not combine them? Think about it! Get a bathrobe, a colonoscopy and a boarding pass.

(The TSA guy is already wearing rubber gloves, come to think of it.)

There has to be enough savings in there somewhere to fund universal healthcare. The facilities and parking are already in place, not to mention public transportation (with our without pants).

Travel agents would come back into vogue as they could schedule your healthcare appointments to coincide with your travel arrangements.

If you could add a salon to the airplane, we'd be all set. (Except for that rule about chemicals... Bah.)

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  1. Okay now you're officially twisted - I guess that's why I love you.