Monday, January 25, 2010

Walk In The Park

Hardly. But I made it around the block today. Big step. (Actually, several average ones.) The sun came out and I took advantage.

I learned the other day that if I walk counterclockwise around the block, I won't see the lake if I can't make it all the way around the block and have to turn back. So I made the radical move of walking around the block in a clockwise direction so in the event I had to quit, I would have at least seen the lake.

The strategy worked with the only exception (a good one) being I didn't have to quit. I had absolutely no pain so I kept going. It wasn't a case of ignoring the pain, or pushing through the pain. I didn't have any.

I ended up walking all the way around with no pain whatsoever. Got home, made a latte, put the wet laundry into the dryer, and still no pain. Sat down to blog and now there's pain. I wrote two posts and then got up to iron a couple shirts and the pain fell to the background. Sat down for one more post and the pain just stayed there - in the background.

My timer just went off to remind me it's time to take more pain medication. Usually, I can't wait. Today, I was surprised. Already? So soon?


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