Saturday, January 30, 2010


No, not as in I want to dwink youw bwood. That would be Elmer Fudd acting as Dracula. Dwinking is a double-wink. But not two winks. To dwink you have to be able to wink with both eyes - at the same time.

Go ahead, laugh. It's not as easy as you think because it's easily confused as a blink which is entirely different. Blinking provides moisture to the eyes. A dwink will also provide moisture to the eyes but it also conveys meaning.

Did you know that an independent study* found a single dwink is approximately 1.9 times more effective than two successive winks in conveying its message? It also showed that it had a success rate higher than double blinking by 3.14159%

According to this Wikipedia entry:

A wink is an informal mode of communication usually signaling, depending on context, sexual attraction or shared hidden knowledge or intent... .

Two winks in a row often was used by the sender as a subtle way to imply something said by the sender, immediately beforehand, was "sneaky", "tricky", "misleading", or "untrue" to the receiver... .

To close and open, or "wink", both eyes is usually an involuntary action known as a "blink". Though if done intentionally, in a particular way (such as once slowly or a few times in a row quickly), while giving a sweet or suggestive look with the eyes, often with the head tilted or at an angle in combination with the shoulders, is know as to "bat an eyelash", "bat/batting eyelashes", or "flutter/fluttering eyelashes". This is most commonly done by girls, as a way of flirting, showing interest, or in an attempt to persuade the receiver (usually a gullible male) to get what they want.

(All emphasis mine.)

I did not just make that up. That's what it says. You guys are so easy.....

A dwink, by contrast, is not intended to wile or guile anyone of any gender. It conveys a deeper meaning between sender and receiver, one of love or deep sympathy or appreciation.

Caution: Do not dwink and dwive.

*Testing was animal free.

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