Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Despair, Inc.

Despair, Inc. is having a caption contest. The idea is to write a caption for the following image. Below are my submissions.

You're supposed to be able to vote, although I haven't seen that portion of the contest appear on their website yet. Check it out. Even if you're not interested in voting, the website is fun.

Voting is supposed to go through Wednesday.

The blog is here.
The website is here.

The Paralyzing Fear That One Wrong Move and You're Toast

There to Guide You Through the Obstacles of Life
Unless They're Blind

Hope in the Face of Crushing Reality

Surrounding Him With Temptation
And Finding a Way for Him to Take the Bait

Knowing When it's Time to Suck it Up

The Time in Your Life to Seize Opportunities
Before They're Crushed by Reality

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