Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Patient Patient

I told myself I wouldn't goof off today - and yet here I am. Maybe I can compromise by not staying long....

I'm getting my house cleaned and I'm telling you it will be worth every single penny. The house looks great. I'm telling you right now that if you need a house cleaner I can recommend this woman very highly. (I wonder if she cooks.....)

Saturday and Sunday were pretty good. (We're talking about me now.) I was able to get up and more around a little and also got to leave the house. However, Monday was pretty much back to my horizontal world. Today, I'm calling my roster of doctors to find out what's next ... when what to my wondering eyes should appear, this which I found on a website, here:

"It can take six to 10 days before you begin to respond to the steroid."

Okay. This could be the best of all possible situations. There is a possibility that this thing can still work. In the meantime, I can milk the cookie fairy for all s/he's worth!

(very quiet sinister laugh so as not to land me on the Naughty List)

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