Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Melts In Your Mouth Not In Your Hands

Today's pill count will be 26! Actually 27, if you include the one I was taking before this all started, 28 if you include a multivitamin.

I spoke with my doctor yesterday and we tweaked the drug cocktail. We are in agreement that conservative measures are not working and surgery is the most likely outcome. (I already have an appointment to see someone in the Neurology department on Jan. 5.) In the meantime, we're trying a new combination of pills to see if we can't manage the pain better. The new recipe drops the two yellow ones for 12 (count 'em, 12) brown ones.

So now I take six white ones, two red ones, six green ones, and 12 brown ones. Every day. I wrote it all down someplace so I can keep track of which ones to take when.

I'm thinking it would be easier if I dumped them all into a bowl and just took a handful every couple of hours or so.

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