Thursday, December 17, 2009

Angels and Demons

I am a little worried that the responses from the Universe, or what have you, have been coming from demons rather than angels.  Before I saw Dr. Other Guy, I asked the angels for three things:  1) Relief from worry; 2) a solution; 3) make the solution obvious.  It turns out (from reviewing earlier posts) that I also asked for traction to work in six treatments.  It didn't but it's interesting to note that I quit after seven. 

So here I am thinking that all the answers that have been provided have been coming from angels.  But what if they haven't been?  What if the answers haven't been yet revealed?  (That, grasshopper, is always the Question.)

There have been times during my period of bed rest that I had the thought that the next time I leave this house, it will be on a stretcher.  Unfortunately, it has come very close to that.  For today's appointment, Hubby will drive and I will be lying down on the back seat.  I've prearranged for the doctor's office to have something for me to lie on while in the waiting area and during the doctor consult/interview.  Of course, I will be lying down for the procedure but I needed to make arrangements for me to lie down between the car and the actual procedure.

My dark thought has been that the obvious, unambiguous question will come in the form of emergency surgery because something has ruptured or my condition has been deteriorating, unchecked, while I wait for this appointment, or that doctor, or those test results, or whatever.  While the doctors (administrators, insurance company) are doing what they're doing, I'm just lying here getting worse.

But that's not what I believe.  I don't know if this injection will work or not.  But I do believe that everything will work out the way it's supposed to.  (Just as I finished writing that sentence, an angel appeared and he gave me a cookie!  Is that a good sign, or what?)

I think the demons are just in my head.  (But wish me luck anyway!)


  1. Good luck! And put in a good word for me with the cookie angel!

  2. And, lo, the angel of the cookies came upon them....

    Yeah - I'll put a good word in for you!