Monday, December 14, 2009

Backyard Angels

I've been meaning to mention the angels in my backyard. You see, once upon a time in a land about 2,000-3,000 miles away (depending on where you start), a little girl (that would be me) was allowed to name the family cat. Little Girl must have had strong feelings for the babysitter because she named the cat after her, Mrs. Setzler.

Little Girl's mother was afraid that Mrs. Setzler would be offended if she knew that her name had been given to a cat (or, in fact, she was) so Little Girl agreed to change the name which became Mrs. Setzler-Angel.

Little Girl grew up and moved the aforementioned far, far away, got married to her Prince Charming, moved into a castle and lived happily every after - until, that is, some Evil Wizard cast his wicked spell causing debilitating back pain for Little Girl who was now all grown up.

In search for a cure, Now Grown Little Girl was advised to seek the antidote (I considered using anecdote) from angels. So, she set about looking for angels everywhere she went.

One day, a friendly black and white cat came to visit Now Grown Rapidly Aging Little Girl. NGRALG liked the cat very much so decided to name it Formerly From California Charlie (although she briefly considered Thunder Snow and later shortened the name to Charlie). She later discovered that Charlie was a girl cat, so NGRALG renamed the cat Charlie-Angel and considered the matter settled.

Not so, because several days later Charlie-Angel showed up in the backyard with a friend - another black and white cat. "I must name this new cat," thought Now Grown Rapidly Aging Broken Little Girl. Presuming the new cat to be male, NGRABLG wondered if Charlie-Angel's friend should be called Sylvia. Deciding against it, she named him Mr. Angel. But since all fairytale damsels (or she-cats, as the case may be) need a prince, he was renamed Prince Angel.

And, that's how I came to have two angels in my backyard.

There's no moral to this tale (or tail), except don't step on a crack. What they say is true!


  1. Does Formerly From California Charlie - who, by the way, is now living in Wisconsin, which, before he was formerly from California he was formerly from - know there is a cat formerly named after him?

  2. I love this angel story! everyone should have angels like these ;-)

  3. I sent him an e-mail just before I posted this which ended up being the rough draft for the post. And, I never heard back!