Sunday, December 6, 2009

Meds and Bedrest

The first is a picture of me on bedrest taken by my netbook. I'm actually lying down but the netbook is propped up on its side so the orientation is correct from the camera's point of view - if that makes any sense at all.
The second is is a picture of All My Meds. (Good title for TV drama?) Taken in my kitchen with my phone.
I'm getting way too comfortable in bed.... It's not a bad life - you know, if you don't really need one. Breakfast and coffee in bed. Endless surfing. No chores.
One of my friends brought me a latte and visited with me in bed. (She wasn't in bed with me. Just clarifying....) If I didn't have to think about work or non-virtual relationships, I think I would just stay here.
I wonder if I put myself on bedrest a month ago if this would all be over by now.

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