Thursday, December 31, 2009


The neurosurgery department called today and asked if I wouldn't mind getting a couple more x-rays done before our appointment on Tuesday. Yea, I thought. They've already looked at my file. They have a plan. They called me.

Well, of course, I wouldn't mind. I went straight to the doctor's office. Of course, I was careful not to repeat the Buttons Incident. I wondered, did the Radiology Tech see the Note In My File? Was in part of my Permanent Record? Would I be searched for buttons?

I gave her no buttons to find, and as it turned out, she never asked and I was quite relieved.

The poses she put me in were different from the last time which was good because I couldn't figure out why Neurology wanted new x-rays when x-rays won't show a herniated disk. At least these pictures are of slightly different things which means they have something in mind. I mean, perhaps they were thinking and not just following a standard protocol. (Best Practices, I'm told they're called.)

After that was done, I swung by the pharmacy to pick up a whole bag of drugs. (I'm thinking of purchasing a reusable tote bag. Maybe I can create a bag that doubles as a tote and a pill box with separate chambers or pockets for the various medications and they're varying dosing schedules. (Coming to a pharmacy near you....)

When I got home, I called the Neurology Department and reported the x-ray task was completed. (The whole thing is digital now so they could already see the images on their computer.) I asked, While I'm at it would you like me to get an MRI to have ready for our appointment on Tuesday? I could do it Monday or even later today.

That's when semi-euphoric dreamland became practical, cost containment, reality. No, they told me. They didn't want an MRI until after we met.

Not sure why that makes sense. Seems we would have more to talk about if we had more information. I'll bet you two bits they order an MRI on Tuesday. I'll have to arrange another ride and another appointment to review the MRI we could've reviewed during our initial meeting.

I guess that's just the way these things work.

I'd be interested in comparing the two MRI images. Well, guess that'll be next time. I'll keep you posted.

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