Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Time Keeps on Drippin' Drippin' Drippin'

(Or, Who is Steve Miller and Why is he in the rain?, Alex....)

I am so busy today that I had to interrupt whatever I was doing in order to do this.  I was actually going to name this post Sick Day but time was getting away from me and this is what you get instead:

Sorry, boss. I can't come in to work today, not even via a remote connection from my bed.  I have several very excellent reasons which mostly fall under the category of Avoiding Work.  (Please remember, I have studied under the Great Master of Avoidance so don't even challenge me on this one.)

I am so busy that I will have to prioritize.  Yes, it's come to that.  Maybe even make a list.  It's that serious.

First, my sleeping habits severely limit the time available to be productive.  Twelve hours of sleep, while an excellent source of creativity, is generally not as productive as being awake.

Second, I have several posts that have to be written.  This one, one that will soon follow with the clever title of Angels and Demons, and one that will deal with the issue of Cost Containment in Health Care.  These things don't just happen.  All the stuff you find on the internet has to come from somewhere.

Along those lines, I need to contact my doctor today.  The reasons for that will be covered under the forthcoming Angels and Demons post.  I also need to further my research on the cost containment issue before I publish my thoughtful remarks on the subject.

Third, I have decided that today is the day to get my internet shopping done.  I have my wallet right here beside me, and I know how to use it.

Fourth, ... I'm pretty sure there were several other reasons that I can't bring to mind at the moment. Be assured, however, they were very important and very time consuming. (I probably should have made that list.)

I will make every effort to Avoid as quickly as possible so that I may resume my normal duties. I hope this will not affect my massive Corporate Bonus.

P.S.  This post took several hours in itself and I haven't even adressed the other aforementioned Very Important Avoidances.  While working on this post, I found it absolutely necessary that I change all my formatting settings, check in on Facebook, and take a call from Glenn.  So, as you can see, I might be out all week.  You may feel free to mail my paycheck to my home adress.  Thank you.

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