Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Long And Winding Road

I Walk The Line

There was a time when I walked every day. It wasn't really a fitness thing, although I did walk frequently for fitness. No, there was a time when walking provided pain relief. I haven't actually tried it in about six weeks. Oh, I've been out to doctor appointments since then but not much else.

Back then I thought I wanted to walk forever. Because that was the only time I wasn't in pain. And I was outside. How I love OUTSIDE. But I also wanted to champion a cause. Because my personality dictates that I don't "dabble." I "master." And if I can't "master," I quit.

That's why when I started running some years ago, I didn't stop until I had run two marathons. But that's another story.

Then, one day, I stopped walking. Unfortunately, I was still a few blocks from my house when it happened. Walking wasn't relieving the pain anymore. I could only go a few yards at a time before I needed to rest and that's how I got home that day.

These Boots Are Made For Walking

Before then, when it didn't hurt, I thought I would fight to rid the world of pain. I would bring awareness to those of us who suffer from chronic pain whatever the source. I would champion the cause of pain sufferers everywhere. I would get the medical community to notice us and to do something about it.

By walking.

Walking On Sunshine

So just for grins and giggles one day I decided to use Google Maps to map out the route from my house to my dad's house. I live on the Left Coast and he lives on the Right. It's about 3,000 miles. Google Maps has a feature where you can select the mode of transportation. Car, public transportation, or walking.

What the heck? (Is that WTH?) I chose walking.

Turns out it's about a hundred miles shorter if I walk. It took Google Maps a second or two to figure out the route, but it did. The directions were right there.

I zoomed in closer - close enough I could see street names and followed the route on my screen. The route looks beautiful. The path follows some very nice trails here in Washington, and it goes through beautiful national forests, follows rivers, and by lakes. It crosses Lake Michigan by ferry, takes you into Canada, and brings you back into the US at Niagara Falls - which I have never seen.

Walking After Midnight

It would only take 37 days, roughly. That's assuming no breaks, of course.

So let's do the math. If I walk three miles per hour, for ten hours per day, I could walk there in roughly 100 days. Right? Just over three months if I walk every day. If I walk five hours a day, that would be 200 days. More than six months. If I do....

Walk This Way

Okay, let's get real. I have trouble walking past the threshhold of my front door! It's a pretty good day if I make it to the mailbox.

Maybe I should start small. Like to my mom's house. At least, she lives in the same State. That's about seven miles. Just over two hours. Now, we're talking.

Still, it's a stretch given my current state. How about work? That's even closer and I can walk on a bike path all the way there along Lake Washingon. It's very nice. That's just under five miles. Better.

Walk Right In

I could walk to Starbuck's. But what's the point? It's only around the corner.

Day Dream Believer

I still think it's a cool idea.

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