Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Not sure what I intend to do here - except avoid work. Actually, that's not hard to do as I am disabled from a pinched nerve in my back. All I can do is stand (literally, as sitting is painful) and wait for the pain meds to kick in and for the doctors to figure something out.

My experience with this pain is by no means extraordinary. I'm sure there are others that are suffering right now from dibilitating pain and who are frustrated by their healthcare. I want a place where I can share my experiences (read, gripe) and hopefully find others who will share with me their experiences.

If pain (specifically back pain) is such a common experience, then why aren't there as many pain clinics as Starbucks outlets? When I call my doctor to complain of EXTREME pain, why did they say "How's next Wednesday?" After seven weeks of suffering, why must I wait ANOTHER four weeks to see a specialist?

I'm mad. Really mad about this. And yet, I consider myself one of the lucky ones: I probably won't loose my job, I can afford the medical costs, I have a loving husband and supportive friends who can help me through this. But, still, it's not right. The system is not right. Other people are loosing their jobs, are alone, and can't afford the care - even shitty care.

This trip has been long, painful, frustrating, depressing. (Thank you for all the shoulders I've cried on. You know who you are.) And, as of yet, there's no end in sight. No answers. I just want to tell my story and hear yours. I would like to think we could figure out something out together, but more likely we can just support each other. That, in itself, would be of great comfort.


  1. Lynn,

    I'm with ya! they should have back pain clinic's right next to all of those starbucks. Thanks for sharing what you are going thru, it helps us to understand and hopefully be of more support. and you are so not alone (unfortunately), I found this website to be somewhat helpful, in just knowing we're not alone and that others are trying and also keeping their sense of humor which I find to be tremendously helpful. www.butyoudontlooksick.com/the_spoon_theory/

  2. Thank you so much, Kellie. I'll check it out.