Monday, February 8, 2010

Nearing The Finish Line

Nurse Ratched called me this morning. She had received a message that I wished to cancel my surgery tomorrow. She was soooo sweet about it. (I think she just wanted to save her job but I haven't told that story yet.)

As backup, I scheduled an appointment for an epidural injection on February 23 and another surgery date for April 20. I don’t think I’ll need either of these but that’s the soonest I can get in. If I wait until I actually need pain relief I would have to wait a minimum of two weeks for the epidural and two months for surgery. Thought it was better to plan before any pain sets in. I can always cancel if I don’t need it.

I had one more blood draw this morning. Hopefully, it will be my last. The docs have been monitoring my liver function so this is just a checkup to see if it’s working properly. I should have results tomorrow. I expect everything to be okay.

I'll keep you posted.

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