Monday, November 30, 2009

Dr. Other Guy

Got in to see the doctor today and he ordered an MRI. Didn't get much more than that done. It felt like a waste of time because I could have told him I needed an MRI a month ago. And I could have done that by phone.

He also made some recommendations for additional pain medications which he can't actually prescribe. No, he can only add his notes to the file. I have to talk to my regular doctor for that. So, I called her office and we have an appointment for a telephone consultation tomorrow afternoon. I don't know what combination of drugs he recommended but it'll be some cocktail!

So, no. No answers. He said the symptoms don't really point to any easy diagnosis. Many of the symptoms point to a pinched nerve, however if that's what it really is the symptoms would be more like this. The symptoms could be indicative of a muscle problem, but then the symptoms would look a little more like that.

The MRI isn't a very good diagnostic tool for fishing expeditions. It can be helpful if it clearly points to something or clearly eliminates something else. But two identical MRI's can produce completely different (or no) symptoms in different patients. So any results from the MRI has to be somewhat obvious to be of any use. If not, the next step would be additional testing of some kind.

The MRI is scheduled for Wednesday. At least I didn't have to wait another month for that! They told me on the phone I'll be able to go in feet first so it shouldn't be too bad. They also told me I should wear something comfortable - and nothing with metal - so I'm planning on wearing my pajamas and my slippers that look like little rubber duckies. :-)

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